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︎︎︎Highway Harmony

Steel structure, traffic signs, wood panels and spray paint
390 x 805 x 73 cm


        Co-created with Justin Dirkx

In collaboration with:
Nourah, Happy, Jay, Favour, Yassin and Liam

'Highway Harmony' is a collective creative production. The monumental installation mimics a higway structure which served as a canvas for a two-day workshop with teenagers (ranging from 15 to 19 years old) from youth organisations Betonne Jeugd en Boslabs. They were invited to express themselves freely without a predetermined theme or intention.

With the support of:
Vlaams Architectuurinstituut and Het Bos

Special thanks to Betonne Jeugd VZW, Boslabs and DE SINGEL arts centre

︎︎︎Vijf cirkels (Burglar sign)

Spraypaint on wall
PONTI PONTI PONTI, Ponti, Antwerpen

︎︎︎CP (Dromenvanger): Inverted View

Concrete, metal, natural dye, wood and traffic cones
Point Of No Return, 252 CC, Antwerpen, Ekeren


Anti corosion spray paint on metal road plate, placed in front of Cultural District
Point Of No Return, 252 CC, Antwerpen, Ekeren

︎︎︎HYDRA (collision)

Damaged motorcycle helmets on steel frame 

HYPERMARKET, Kunsthal Gent

︎︎︎(Another) modern display

Spraypaint and angle grinder traces on billboard
De Wilde Expo, Noordkasteel, Antwerpen

︎︎︎CP Pressure Pact

Wooden plate, construction prop - dimensions variable
De Zevende Kunstwerf
, project at a friends house, Antwerpen


Action - May 2018 - Antwerp, various locations
Installation - Single-channel video, 16:9, 1080p, 8:09 shown on loop, two channel audio - 2019

Graduation show 2018 Masters Sint Lucas Antwerpen

︎︎︎Verboden te graven 

Text (ENG):
Exhibition proposal Ayrton Eblé '15 jaar Artistieke Opleiding' 15/12/2015

Project name: 'Graf van de Creatie/ Tombe de l'Art/ Friedhof der Kunst’

The idea for this project is to dig a hole according to the dimensions of a dumpster container (540 x 245 x 145 cm). This size refers to the dumpster container at the back of the school in which students school projects unintenionally used to end up in if they weren't labled clearly enough. Most of the time this was the result of an overzealous cleaning staff and tidy teachers.

The hole will remain empty during the length of the exhibition. Afterwards the hole will be filled with soil and grass seeds. A sign stating the title will be placed in front of the hole (copying the Middelheim Museum's information signs design) The project will be documented afterwards and placed on my website.

I hope my idea will be approved by the coordinators and I look forward to hearing your response.

Kind regards,

Ayrton Eblé
Sign, wood, barrier tape, printed project proposal, shovel
15 jaar Artistieke Opleiding, De ! Kunsthumiora, Antwerpen

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